Biking Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Costa Rica boasts both a Pacific and a Caribbean coast, as well as some of the most consistent year-round surf to suit all levels of expertise. The warm waters make learning a particularly enjoyable experience here.

Jan 2 - arrival at SJO airport; take $4 'orange' taxi to Alajuela (10 min) and Hotel Pacande (~$23 pp). Glen and his son Scott will arrive San Jose January 1 and will meet us in La Fortuna on Jan 3.

Jan 3 - 9:00 a.m.shuttle by van (~$18 pp) to La Fortuna (~4 hrs).  Check in at Hotel Guacamaya (~$25 pp).  Next we will go to Bike Arenal for setup/rental (~$110 pp).  Most of their bikes have flat pedals, some with toe clips, they have a few SPD pedals ... I plan to take my own pedals and shoes.  I plan to take my own helmet and a few basic tools.  Bike Arenal will provide a patch kit w/ pump, spare tube etc. for each bike. Since we will have a support vehicle we only need to carry a few items with us each day and I plan to use a hydration pack for that.  There should be enough time for us to take a short ride around La Fortuna/Volcan Arenal area after the setup.  ATMs seem to be available in La Fortuna.

Jan 4 - we will base out of La Fortuna today and do a loop ride suggested by Mario (Bike Arenal) or anything else you deem to be of interest.  Hotel Guacamaya (~$25 pp). 

Jan 5 - 9 we will depart La Fortuna accompanied by a truck/driver to shuttle gear/provide support.  Mario has helped us put a route together that we will modify as we move along, finding food and lodging as we go.  The plan is to keep the daily distance/riding time short enough that we can stop along the way and explore anything that is of interest.  If you want to look at a map the general route is:  La Fortuna along the lake to Nuevo Arenal, to Tilarán, and to Cañas
Glen and Scott will depart for home Wed Jan 7, probably from Cañas.  Our route intersects the Pan American highway in Cañas and 5 or 6 buses per day leave here for San Jose. 
We will continue on to Bebedero, which dead-ends at the Rio Bebedero.  The bikes will be shuttled by truck and we will take a boat down the river through Palo Verde Nature Preserve (~$35 pp, lots of birds/wildlife) and end where the river dumps into the Gulf of Nicoya.  Jumping back on the bikes we ride to Nicoya and then on to Sámara and ...  ahhh ...the Pacific ocean/beach.  We hope to arrive in Sámara around noon Jan 9 so we have the remainder of the day to hang out and relax.  I am currently attempting to find lodging for us in Sámara.  I have sent a dozen inquiries and am awaiting replies.

Jan 10 we will bus back to San Jose.  Jan 11 we all depart SJO and return to the cold winter of central PA ... and some ice climbing if we are lucky!


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