Boucher to Hermit: May 12 - May 18, 2009


Day 1: Hermits Rest to Dripping Springs Trail to Boucher Trail

Our first day, we woke at 5 so we could get on the road and drive up to the canyon. it took us a little longer than we wanted to get going and we ended up at the park at around 9am. Typically, you would have been on the trail for a good 3 to 4 hours at this point, trying to hike early to avoid the heat, but we are gluttons for punishment and tended throught the entier trip to hike during the hottest parts of the day.

Unfortunately, as we were entering the locked gate entering Hermit Road, JP got a call from his Executive Officer telling him the order wwer bing issued for him to return to Floraida so that he could run a range detail. I was not pleased. Instead of being able to do the entire hike with us, he was forced to only hike in one day, and then leave the very next.


Water availability is always the number one concern on these trips and our first day was typical of a grand canyon hike, so it was a good thing that we brought 2 gallons a peice into the canyon. It was hotter than Haides and because of our unfortunate change of plans with JP, compounded by our late start, we decided that we were going to stop at Yuma point rather than hike all the way to Whites Butte or farther to the river. This way, JP would not have too tough a hike out of the canyon and would be able to get back on a plane and go to work.

The canyon is a hot place. And its a BIG open space. So you end up hiding from the sun whenever you get the opportunity. Four dudes huddled for a short nap under a sparsley leaved tree is what you get when you've been hiking for4 hours during the hottest part of the day.

Once the sun moves, it's time to wake up and get moving.





Yuma point was a pretty nice campsite. There are a lot of flat spots

Dusk at Yuma Point.

Sunrise at Yuma Point.

Joe and Brett shimmying down past Whites Butte.

There were a number of steep sections on this trail.

Could Joe have any more items strapped to the ouside of his pack?

Joe relaxing in the shade and sancking on jerkey.

Down by the river, they're running the rapids.

The hike out of the canyon.

The dripping springs

The hike out. A LOT of steps.

If I lack the courage to start, I have already finished. - Author Unknown

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