Great Divide Tour Biking : Gear List

Equipment List:

We will have a van and trailer to haul our equipment during this trip enabling you to have just a daypack.  Any equipment to travel in the van (that you don’t want to fly with) will need to be in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania at least one week prior to the trip start date (7/23)

Sleeping Gear:

Bicycle and related Equipment:

Head Gear: (no, not braces)

Extremities Gear:

Core Gear:

Leg Gear:

Camping Gear:
Quest will bring 1-2 double burner propane stoves and some pots and pans. We will also have some water purification tablets.  You are welcome to bring your own stove/pots/pans/water purifcation system. Quest can provide the camping items below.

Other gear to have:

In Missoula we will stop at a market and an REI to pick up any last minute supplies.  Quest will have a couple small coolers and a camp stove.  If you have a favorite coffee, tea, snack, energy bar, etc. we recommend bringing it with you just in case it can’t be found in Missoula.

Bike and Related Equipment

Trek Superfly 29er Carbon Fiber

This was my first Carbon Fiber frame. This was my first 29er mountain bike. I certainly really like the way the 29er clears obstacles and it definately runs a bit fast. It doesn't handle quite as well as my 26" bike only because it has a larger turning radius. But now that I'm used to it, I may not go back!

Great Divide Trail Notes: Nice bike for this ride. I would have hated a 26er.

Geisinger Trail Notes: on the Geisinger trails, I realized that my seat was a little bit high because it was still set up for the Great Divide Ride, which was much less technical. Unfortunatley, carbon fiber bikes don'e have lever seat clamps, but a clamp that is fastened with a tool. I got lazy. Rode a really technical trail without properly adjusting the height of the seat. Flipped and hit the tree. Cracked the frame.

Crash Protection Notes: Cyclecraft contacted Trek and got me a crash replacement... free. Just the cost to put the thing together! Love this bike shop! When I originally bought the bike, the number one thing I was worried about was cracking the frame. I am a big boy and I could see me cracking it up on a bad fall. At this point, I would gladly recommend a Carbon Frame to anyone. No Reservations.

Giro Indicator Helmet

Giro makes the best helmets for cycling, in my opinion, by far. yeah, Bell makes a good helmet. But Giro's got my vote every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Tour Notes: You are technically required to wear a helmet in the tour, but no one is going to stop you from riding if you're not wearing one. But i've gotten so used to wearing one from mountain biking, I don't even balk anymore when I have to wear one on the street.

Fox Sidewinder Full Fingered Gloves

A dirt lovers dream - full-finger protection without a lot of heat!

This glove has venting, a patch for sweat and snot, and silicone fingertips for good shifter gripping.

Trail Notes: I really like these gloves. They were the most comfortable gloves I have ever worn. The stretchy material on the back of the hand is nice and warm, but breathable enough to not sweat too much. They are perfect for an early morning run in the spring time.

Great Divide Trail Notes: I wore these every day during the tour. I don't particularly like having my fingers hanging out there!

Sidi Dominator 4 Mountain

When I was in the bike shop looking for a pair of shoes to replace my first pair, the guy said to just try them on. He said, "The other shoes are good for sure. But they are no comparison Sidi's . It's like the difference between a fine Italian shoe and Kenneth Coles. Yeah, the Kenneth Coles are good, but you can ride all day in the Sidi's and feel like you just stepped into them at the end of the day. They cost, but they're worth it. I'll never go back."

I took his advice and splurged.

Tour Notes: I'll never go back either. They are really comfortable. And the ratchet system keeps them snug and responsive on your feet.

Julbo Bivouak

I needed a second pair of glacier glasses because I gave my other back up pair to a guide/porter in Africa.

Camelback Cloudwalker

This is the bag I use for mountain biking. It's a nice sized bag, obviously has the compartments for a hydration pack, and has a few compartments in the front pocket to separate your keys from your snacks.

Although this is a camelback and has the bilt in interface for a bladder, I no longer use them in favor of good old water bottles. I prefer to stop and enjoy the view.

Why I bought it: I bought this pack because when I was doing the sumit of Kili, my Gregory was way too heavy a pack for just holding a couple fleeces, water and snacks. Who needs a framestay for that! The goal was to get a really lightweight pack that can serve as an all around short duration hike pack.

Good for: Day hike or ride.

Not for: Longer hikes where you have to carry lots of stuff in yourpack and its heavier than 10 or 15 pounds.

Trail Notes: This pack has been my mainstay pack for a few years now. I previoulsy had an old backpack I used, but I wanted something with the waiststrap and chest strap, so I picked this up.

Tour Notes: You don't necessarily need a pack for the ride since there's so much rider support, but I never leave home without one.

Head Gear

North Face Ascent Beanie

Nice little fleece hat to cover my newly shaved head! I like it because there's more fleece on the ears thatn the top which is exactly how I like it. My ears are sensitive like a little girls!! lol

Grand Canyon Notes: I brought one fleece hat and only used it in camp at night and in the morning. But I was glad I brought it. it's cold enough in camp during the spring that you will definately need one.

Buffwear Bandana

Basically a simple tube of wicking polyester, it's stretchy enough that it can be worn as a bandana, neck gaiter, pony tail holder, helmet liner, even over-the-eyes since it's sheer enough to see through.

Grand Canyon Notes: This is the best thing I have ever used for desert hiking. It's so multifunctional, that you can in seconds move it from your head to around your neck and back again, which is usefule when in the backcountry. I love this thing.

I even pulled it over my face when I was taking a nap on the side of the trail so that no bugs would go into my mouth and I could get a little darkness while I slept. Very useful.

Extremeties Gear

North Face Powerstretch Glove

Basic fleece glove that keeps the digits warm but can get wet and not cause immediate frostbite.


Crocs are ugly, but they are the best thing ever thought of for anybody who needs easy to slip on footwear that doesn't get funky when wet. I love my crocs and I don't care how ugly they are.

The first time I saw a pair of Crocs was on the Deerfield river with the KCCNY. This dude was broncoing in a hole, and got out to portage over some rocks to do it again. He kept doing it over and over, and every time he would slide out of the yak, pull the crocs out of the hull, put them on, and pick up the yak. His crocks were and ugly orange, and all i could think was, they must be pretty functional, because they sure are ugly. And he confirmed. And from then on, I decided I needed a pair.

Madawaska Notes: I didn't own a pair of crocs when I did this trip. But I wished I did!

Canadian Rockies Notes: This trip I bought them and never will take a long trip without them again.

Grand Canyon Notes: I brought these as my camp shoes since they are light weight, and I want to get out of my shoes in camp. Well worth their weight. I need to air out my dogs at night and these help me do that.

El Potrero Notes: Do NOT leave home without them. The showers are clean enough, but I would not venture into that bathroom without my shower shoes!

North Face Venture Jacket

The Venture Jacket is North Face’s most affordable water proof shell. The Venture is a relatively thin and light weight jacket that is well suited as a multi season jacket.

The jacket is made from HyVent DT, a waterproof yet breathable fabric with raised microdots that lift the fabric off of the skin in order to channel moisture away.

Other features include a fully adjustable, attached hood, brushed chinguard lining, pit-zip vents, two hand pockets, adjustable Velcro cuffs, and a cinch cord at the waist.

One almost seemingly hidden feature is the left pocket stow. Stuff the jacket in the left hand packet, zip and the jacket quickly transformed into a small bundle

Pros: Very good waterproofing, lightweight and compressible, resonably priced

Cons: Hood doesn’t roll up and hide away. Cuff Velcro tabs stick out a bit, they could Velcro down a bit more

Canadian Rockies Notes: This was the only shell Jacket I took along on the trip and I actually pulled it out on the top of the 6 Glaciers hike when it started to snow and rain. I was glad to have it because it kept me dry and warm, but not hot. Definatley need a brimmed hat (like a baseball cap) or the hood can be uncomfortable.

5 Boro Bike Tour Notes: I bring this in my pack no matter what. It's light weight and


EMS Superwick Tee Shirt

This is a lightweight polyester shirt that is highly breathable and quick drying. It wicks moisture away from the body and comes in a fe different colors. I actually picked up a long sleeve and a short sleeve.

Great Divide Notes: Basic base layer shirt. A staple in my pack.

The North Face Momentum Shirt

I needed a micro fleece and this one was cheap and felt softer than a baby's a$$. Plus I really wanted a fleece that was a pullover rather than a full zip for a mid layer so that I could tuck it in.

Great Divide Notes: This is usually all you'll need on the five boro because it's usually spring like conditions. I like this one because it looks good no matter what you do to it.

Pearl Izumi Slice Versa Short

I wanted a pair of shorts with built in liners. I typically use regular biking shorts underneath a pair of fatigue shorts. However, one of my friends had a pair of these and he loved them. So I tried them out.

Great Divide Notes: These are good for the tour because they have pockets and the liners aren't so tight.

Pearl Izumi Attack Bike Shorts

Pearl Izumi makes nice stuff, period. I don't bike that long or that much, so I opt for a mid level short. If you're in the saddle for whole days or days on end, pick up the high level shorts. They don't compress as much over time which makes a difference.

Pearl Izumi Micro thermal Leg Warmers

The one thing I hate to do, is be too hot, or too cold. I like to be able to regulate my temperature without having to go through a whole wardrobe change. So I decided rather than go with tights, i would try out these leg warmers.

Tour Notes: These things are the best things since sliced bread. As soon as I got too warm, I just zipped up the ankles and pulled down the tops to get some breeze on my knees and ankles. Then when we got out into the hot sun an hour later, I took them completely off. in 30 seconds. Love em.

Smartwool Smartwool PhD Running Ultr aLight Micro Socks

Smartwool's is my brand and I'm stickin' with 'em.

Canadian Rockies Notes: I pretty much use these as my go to socks now. They fit my feet like a glove and this trip was no different. They do have a little lip on them so if you're going to use these, then you might want to thro some low gaiters on just to keep the dirt and rocks out.

Camping Gear

Sierra Designs Lightning 2 : 2 Person / 3 Season

The Sierra Designs Lightning 2 Tent was one of SD's first major successes in the ultralight category, winning a Backpacker "Editors' Choice" award in 2004.

Freestanding, simple to pitch, the Lightning weighs a scant three pounds, 15 ounces. Clip-Locs and Swift Clips pull up to the x-pole design, meaning you can pitch the whole gig in seconds. With a nine-square-foot vestibule and plenty of mesh, it's comfortable, organized, and you won't get annoying condensation in the morning.

Acadia Notes: The one thing I hate about this tent is how it performs in the rain. This is definately a warm weather tent. Cold wet weather doesn't really work well. The bottom of the tent seeps water, even if you are using the accompanying tarp. I ended up having to line the bottom of my tent with garbage bags on the second rainy day in Acadia. It wasn't a river...but when you are using the tarp that comes with the tent, you evpect the only ater in the tent to be the water you track in on your boots.

Grand Canyon Notes: I took this along with me to the Grand Canyon and I absolutely loved it. I usually just use the tent without the fly, unless theres a good chance of rain. It's just big enough for me and my pack so it's great for camping when I don't feel like rooming with somebody. It was perfect for the canyon. I bought 2 of them, so JP slept in the other one, which was good because he decided it was a good idea to roll over on his camelback and dowse his sleeping bag with water. I would not have been thrilled had we been sharing sleeping quarters.

Western Mountaineering Badger SDL : 15 deg Long

This bag was the Backpacker recommended bag at the time I did my first trip. It's a down bag with a dry loft shell to keep it somewhat dry.

Illiniza Notes: This bag is great for mountaineering. Paired with clothing and a hat, you can be comfy at 0 and maybe even a little under.

Mt Rainier Notes: The first time I was on a glacier, and I was warm and cozy pretty much all night. The times I did get cooler were becuase I took off my socks!

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Sleeping Pad

Big dudes need cushion for sleepy time. After my Thermarest Neo Air got a slow leak at the worst possible moment, on a big expedition to Orizaba, I decided to try something else.

Mount Marcy Notes: This pad certainly is a little more hefty than my Neo Air, and definately took some heffing and puffing to inflate it. Once the pad was inflated, I really liked it. It also took some time and energy to deflate it is well, but the insulation was well worth it. To be fair, I used it in conjunction with a foam core sleeping pad. But it definately did the trick.

Thermarest Compressible Pillow

I'm a sissy when it comes to my sleep. I need my confort, and since this pillow is only about a half a pound if that, and rolls down to the size of a couple of bananas, I fnever leave home without it anymore.

Colorado Rockies Notes: The best feeling in the world was Joe glancing in my tent and saying, "Dude. You have a pillow?!?!?" Yes I do!

Optional Gear

Dermatone Lip Balm with biner

I really like this balm. Its very much like "Unpetroleum" that i took on Alaska trip and loved.

Grand Canyon Notes: Do not forget to bring lip balm on this trip. You will regret it if you do.

Mt Rainier Notes: If you have never been on a glacier in the middle of the summer, you can't really understand how important it is to have lip balm. I buy these 6 at a time every time I go to the camping store. I avoid chapped lips at ALL costs.

Camera and Other Toys! :-)

Canon 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

I only bring my SLR when the trip isn't too difficult.

Canon 24-70mm 2.8L Lens

I only bring my SLR when the trip isn't too difficult. And this lens is HEAVY. So I only bring this bad boy when I really want some good photos and don't mind suffering. Also, when it will be wet and dusty because it has gaskets that protect the insides.

Colorado Rockies Notes: Thislens was worth the weight. I got some really great shots.


Nuun Tablets


Sports Beans

Sports beans are candy. But they are good. Salty and sweet. Electrolytes.

Larabar Fruit Bars

Fruit bars are my favorite food. But these are fruit bars to the next level. They are gluten free, soy free, vegan, etc, etc. I don't go anywhere without them.

Action speaks louder than words, but not as often!
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