Mount Bachelor Snowboarding : Oregon Feb 2011
Murphy Part 2!

Our now yearly trek to Oregon couldn't have come at a worse time. I had knee surgery in late November, and I surely wasn't supposed to be out snowboarding - let alone snowboarding for 3 straight days.  I did my best and suffered through the pain, before sitting out most of the third day. 

Murphy on the other hand was in his element.  We have got a snowboarder among us.  He will not stop until the lifts shut down.  If only we can get him to remember his jacket, so we don't have to make a whole extra round trip back to the condo to pick it up! 

As usual, Bachelor had epic conditions, with a full on storm the second day covering the already deep powder. This place is a winter wonderland and NEVER crowded. These westerners just don't know what how lucky they are.


Mount Bachelor Snowboarding : Oregon Feb 2010

Our now yearly trek to Oregon now includes the infamous Murphy Reeves. This guy can be counted on to get us to the mountain and get our moneys worth. With him on the trip, no time is wasted sitting around. And you better believe we are shutting the lift down. If it is still running, we are ON IT!

This trip I finally got a chance to meet Mr and Mrs Reeves. How two good people like that produced a nut like Michael is completely beyond me! And how Mr Reeves has any hair left at all with the stories I've hear is certainly a testament to his fortitude.


Mount Bachelor Snowboarding : Oregon Mar 2009

Our second trip to Oregon to hit Bachelor and Hood. Blue bird days all the way through.

Mount Hood


Mount Bachelor

view from the top

First chair on Mt Bachelor

Look how crowded


It's cold



Mount Bachelor Snowboarding : Oregon Feb 2008

I love luring my friends into a downward spiraling, totally uncontrollable, addiction. Yes. I said it. And Michael Reeves is officially my latest cohort in the mind numbing, addictive world of Skiing. Yes, I still have not gotten him off those stupid sticks and onto the more evolved form of snow surfing...But I will! First step first. Even still, I am here to report that I have successfully lured another unsuspecting victim into the skiing world.

It just so happened that Reeves parents had a place in Redmond, Oregon. But Michael had never been out there in the winter. Go figure. And with Mount Hood and Mount Bachelor within driving distance...Blashpemy! But we remedied that right quick.

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This was my first taste of true powder. The first few dasy were unseasonably warm. We were sweating on the mountain. But then, our patience was rewarded. And Ullr, The Norse God of Snow, Looked down upon the yankee from Jersey and the good ol boy from Georgia... and Blessed us with POWDER.


Days 1 and 2 looked like this. Warm weather. Sunny. Smooth crusing all day long.

Then on Day 3... We got POWDER.

Man. It was fluffy and plentiful.

Reeves loving the powder. He is now, officially, addicted!

Can't you tell by his face. Lol

Ok. The guy is coming down behind me. And he sees me sitting right by a little jump. So he thinks... this guy is just siting down. I'm gonna do this little jump. But he didn't hear me say...Wooooaaah. Cliff! So he rushes by me and by the time he realizes that this little jump is an 8 foot tall cliff... it's too late.

Man. He landed like Evil Keneivel. POW. Popped out of his skis, spun around, and looked up at me like...Wow. That was high.

After I realized he hadn't broken both of his knees or ankles, I proceeded to laugh about as loud as I did all weekend long. (That is, until I heard the Taser Dog story.)




"Some ppl have all the fun. I like to call those ppl, the Snowboarders."

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