Mount Hood - Ski Bowl Snowboarding : Oregon Mar 09

Warm up for Mt Bachelor

With all that was going on with our company, Reeves and I were somehow able to steal away two vacation days to hit Oregon again. We ddi the same thign as last time, meeting up at 11 and driving right to Ski Bowl on Mt Hood as a warm up for Mt Bachelor.

Next year, we're going to do a longer trip and hit Timberline and Meadows as well as Bachelor.


Mount Hood - Ski Bowl Snowboarding : Oregon Feb 2008

Warm up for Mt bachelor

I met Michael at the Portland Airport at 11:00am. By the early afternoon, we were in our gear, on the lift, getting ready to get it on. Hood was just a warm up for Mt Bachelor. But man it was a good warm up.


Lift Ticket: $25 Night 3pm to Close

Because it was so warm, (we were actually hot walking to the lift) the snow was thick and wet at the bottom. But at the top of the bowl, it was nice. As the night crept on us, and it got colder and colder, the snow hardened up and crusted over a bit. But for a first day warm up, it was perfect.

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Mt Hood Ski Bowl Website to get more info on the mountain.


Thank God for PTO

Look at that mountain

Dusk on Ski Bowl

Getting a beer in the warming hut


"many people attatch snowboards to their feet; few attatch them to their souls"    

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