Park City Resort Snowboarding : Park City, Utah

My boy brit found a cheap deal in Park City. So we headed out there and got in a couple of days of snow.

All in all, Park City was good boarding. I have to admit, I didn't like it as much as i liked Keystone. The snow was good when i went , but it wasn't the legendary stuff I had been told of. Of course, timing is everything and this was early season December. Hopefully, the next time I get out there, it will be peak season and there will be serious pow.

Again, the timing also could be why it was deader than a doornob there after 5pm. Hopefully, the next time we skate through we will be with a group of people so that if the graveyard-like atmosphere was no coincidence we will be able to make our own fun.

The views are killer though. Seriously, I can see this place being rediculous in Feb and March.

The snow was nice as well. Dry and fluffy.

It was cold up there though.

A winter wonderland!

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